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«KYIV. From ancient times to 1917»

«KYIV. From ancient times to 1917»
35.00 грн.
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KYIV - Patriarch city of the Slavic world, the city, whose one-and-a-half millennium history is filled with mysteries and surprises. Kyivs past is a continuous round of flourishing and decline, wars and work, festivities and disasters, greatness and oblivion. For the first time in Ukraine the whole history of its capital from the ancient times until 1917 is gathered in one compact disk.

To your attention are presented:

  • 800 biographies of famous Kyivites and visitors to the city,
  • 600 historical references about Kyiv streets and districts,
  • 500 descriptions of architectural monuments and unique structures,
  • 400 articles about Kyiv institutions and enterprises,
  • 200 overview essays about different spheres of the city life,
  • 100 reconstruction maps of the city and its suburbs in different epochs,
  • 50 stories about the most significant events throughout history of Kyiv,
  • more than 2500 illustrations,
  • as well as short essays of Kyiv history
  • and a detailed chronological table.

Тhe encyclopedia articles combine popular interpretation and scientific authenticity, ensured by the editors — leading experts in history. A user-friendly search engine will help you in your work; an elegant design and attendant music will make your leisure even more delightful.

History of Kyiv reveals its mysteries for you!

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