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There was no End

There was no End
40.00 грн.
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  1. Come With Me
  2. Oh So Blue
  3. Don't You Remember
  4. Take Your Chance When You Have It
  5. Erotic Dreams
  6. Tonight

All songs written by Sara Lunden

Sara Lunden: vocals, synthesizer, guitar, recorder
Andrey Kiritchenko: objects, drums, field recordings, programming, electronics, editing

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Saralunden & Andrey Kirichenko

Sara Lunden (performing name Saralunden) (born March 30th 1970 in Gothenburg, Sweden) is a singer, musician and performance artist. She started out making music and performances around 1997 during her art studies at Royal College University of Fine Arts S


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There was no End There was no End 40.00 грн.

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